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Search Results: "funny"

  • Popular Marten Oravas - The Dead

    Marten Oravas - The Dead

    by Admin Added 5,221 Views

    A zombie movie i made with my friends about a man who must fight with zombies. This was made in one day

  • 05:13 Popular FrontScythe - zombye

    FrontScythe - zombye

    by Admin Added 1,795 Views

    a zombie slaughter film, and also a green screen experiment

  • 10:04 Popular snipenater - Homemade Horror Movie: Shortcut

    snipenater - Homemade Horror Movie: Shortcut

    by Admin Added 1,870 Views

    CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGEThis is the footage shot by a group of teens who dissappeared in the woods of Sammamish in 2006. The film is reminicent of the Blair Witch Project, and Cloverfield, apart from the fact that this footage is real. Here's a trailer fo